Unnecessary Nonsense…..

It’s daunting enough to sift through job opening after job opening, creating (in your mind) an outstanding – full of research and enthusiasm up the wazoo cover letter, that will hopefully get read by an actual human and then you come across this absurdity! Douches

What do you make of this? A) How nice that ageism is not a factor here or b) What reject was tasked with writing this post and throwing copy-editing caution to the wind?! Unfortunately, this is far too common in my job search. The other day I read a job post for a content producer with an advertising agency and the job read: must be knowledgeable in digital asses management. Ah, yes, managing asses! Should we go on Sir-Mix-A-Lot’s LinkedIn profile and see if he or his connections would be the ideal candidate for this role? Or maybe they’re looking for an ass-emoji content developer and didn’t realize it. Too often, human resources/talent acquisition specialists rush through the whole process of creating a job post, not vetting candidates or adequately following up with everyone interviewed.

Here’s another special gem:


And the above posting was on LinkedIn. So, yeah! Two things not important to DailyMail: spellcheck and proofreading, but unfortunately this has become the norm. There is no accountability or revisions posted with job listings riddled with errors. How do these companies expect applicants to be so polished and on their A-game if they can’t get it together?

Oh, but the 20-something HR folks, when you finally do get that interview….

I’ve had at least 4 interviews – not with millennials – but instead with Generation Zers (the generation following the millennials). At least 3 of these “gatekeepers” have 1) Known less than I do about the company I’m interviewing for 2) Forgotten that we were scheduled for an interview 3) Didn’t know the gender of the hiring manager, yet they had “worked on many projects” together. Am I crazy?  What is happening to the interview process? Have I missed something?

Can anyone else share his or her similar experiences?


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