Skyline Dairy Goat’s Milk & Shea Butter Hydrating Body Lotion Soothes My Skin’s Winter Woes


My skin has a personality of its own. Sometimes its like a sweet well-behaved child that follows your every command, but mostly, it’s a rebellious teen that answers back, contradicts everything you say and gives you grief all day long! I have combination skin and it can be very unruly and sensitive if I don’t tend to it daily. It flakes, gets patchy and can be tender to the touch in the winter and summer. A friend recommended I try  Skyline Dairy Goat’s Milk & Shea Butter Moisturizer because I’m a lover of everything made out of goat’s milk and I’m drawn to products with natural ingredients.

Two weeks in, and I’m impressed with this moisturizer. The first few days, I interpreted my skin’s reaction to a Shakespearean response: “To be or not to be irritated? That is the question my skin ponders, immediately, upon encountering a new product. On the third day of using this cream, my skin welcomed this new product with open arms. “Yes, I will let you quench my thirst for moisture both day and night. You needn’t fuss over me, just yet!”I was thrilled that I didn’t have to alternate between a day and night cream. I can apply Skyline Dairy Goat’s Milk & Shea Butter  moisturizer in the morning and in the evening before going to bed and not wake up with a greasy mess on my face or pillow.

The scent is nice and light. It reminds my boyfriend of lemon-flavored lollipops when he smells it on me. He started using it too – to battle the harsh daily NYC winter weather. The moisturizer I have is fragranced with Lemongrass & Vanilla and consists of 40% raw goat’s milk, 5% shea butter and 80% mountain well water. I recommend it highly! What’s interesting is that I didn’t know that it is advertised as a body lotion, because of the sample I received, had I known that, I would have never tried it on my face. I’m glad I did! I confirmed with the founder, Chase Hudson, that it is indeed a hydrating body lotion; yet many of his customers use it as a face cream with great results. I agree! Don’t waste this gem on your body, let your face reap the benefits. To buy this product that retails for $20, Click here:


¿Cuál de estas divas merece la corona de “Carpool Karaoke” para 2016? ¿Madonna, Lady Gaga ó Adele?


cortesía del programa “The Late Late Show with James Corden”

Las tres superestrellas han participado en el exitoso “Late Show” transmitido por CBS, en el cual el simpático comediante, James Corden, invita a los más reconocidos cantantes del mundo a pasear en un carro mirando el panorama, mientras ambos cantan las canciones mas populares de los artistas.

Este mes estuvo como invitada al popular programa “La reina del Pop”, Madonna, quien no solamente cantó sus hits “Vogue” y “Express Yourself” con Corden, sino que también nos enseñó sus movimientos de baile excepcionales de “Twerk” y hasta donde llega su flexibilidad, estirando sus piernas a hasta su cabeza y subiéndolas hasta el techo del carro mientras paseaban por Nueva York.

“La Chica Material” le contestó preguntas, nunca antes reseñadas por la prensa, sobre Michael Jackson. Admitió que besó a Jackson y que ella fue la que inicio el beso, después de darle una copa de vino Chardonnay para que se relajara. También habló sobre sus dos personajes: rebelde en el escenario y serena en su casa. Ella dejó claro que en esta etapa de su vida no tiene planes de calmar su carera ó su carácter.

Cuando le tocó el turno a Lady Gaga, que aparte de ser una de las cantantes más cotizadas del mundo con sus fanáticos, “Little Monsters,” tiene título de escritora también; acompañó a Corden por la ciudad de Los Ángeles cantando sus hits, “Bad Romance” y “Poker Face.”

Gaga, obtuvo su licencia de conducir este año y Corden la dejó manejar. Aunque el comediante hizo chistes sobre sus habilidades de conducir, rápidamente le dijo que él quería seguir al frente del volante. Corden le preguntó a Lady Gaga sobre su colección de artículos de ropa de Michael Jackson durante sus giras. Ella tiene la ropa del ídolo en cuartos especiales con cierta temperatura para preservarla; una correlación interesante con Gaga y Madonna.

Finalmente tenemos a Adele, con la cual Corden paseó por la ciudad de Londres. La cantante de 28 años ha logrado ganar un Oscar, un Golden Globe, 10 Grammys y varios premios mundiales por sus canciones, las cuales demuestran la capacidad de su excepcional voz.

Durante el Carpool llegamos a saber datos de Adele que no solo cautiva a sus fans, sino también al público en general. Ella demostró su talento para cantar rap con la canción “Monster” de Nicki Minaj y su afecto por el grupo de Spice Girls, que según Adele, allanó el camino, para las mujeres cantantes. La intérprete de “Hello”, se quedó impresionada con la habilidad de Corden para cantar.

Mira los videos en YouTube y decídete cuál de ellas debe de ser la “Diva del Carpool Karaoke” del 2016. Haz click en el siguiente enlace:

Cafés and Career Insights with Photographer Extraordinaire: Monica Buck



courtesy of Monica Buck

Meeting a colleague, friend or interview subject for coffee and learning about their drink order provides you with a glimpse into their personality. Large translucent, refreshing iced-tea with lemon – understatedly simple with no fuss is what Monica ordered. I imagined how she would shoot her drink. With a plate of lemons on the side or multi-colored plump tea bags, whimsically arranged with beautiful porcelain tea cups, perhaps some natural light too – streaming in overhead. If you see Monica’s work, you’ll know what I’m referring to. I, on the other hand, ordered an iced-latte with everything added under the sun. I try to make my coffee beverages taste like anything, but coffee!

The San Francisco-born photographer began to tell me about her career trajectory as a photographer; her German engineer-by-trade and adventurer-by-spirit dad, who motivated her to pursue a career in the arts. The industry’s highs and lows and what inspires her to stay in the photography game.

MV: What drew you to photography? 

MB: My father was a big photography enthusiast. He photographed all sorts of people – sailors, exotic animals. Usually beautiful exotic birds and monkeys. I would love to sift through the images classify them for him.

MV: When did you get your start as a photographer?

MB: I became involved with photography 23 years ago. My family moved from California to Miami and I received my training in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. I did apprenticeships with numerous photographers. My mentor at the time, Laurie Hale, pushed me to achieve my goals; she really believed in me.

MV: Did you have a particular style of photography you wanted to pursue?

MB: I went through BlackBook (Photographer’s bible) and started searching for different types of photographers in my area. I called up Greg Heisler and Craig Cutler and ended up assisting them and learning so much. Initially, I wanted to shoot fashion. I loved this type of photography, but as I started getting gigs, I quickly realized it wasn’t for me; I didn’t fit in. The over-the-top personalities are pretty extreme.

MV: What was your next move, knowing fashion wasn’t your ideal type of work?


courtesy of Monica Buck


MB: I began with a still-life book. I loved arranging props and products and creating interesting compositions in the studio. Plus, I was in control of the shots – to some degree and really enjoyed that freedom. But, after doing it for some time, I found the in-studio work to be constricting. I started to venture into different photography genres. Lifestyle, people, interiors and exteriors and found my groove. I started shooting for more editorial, catalogue and commercial clients. It was great.

MV: What are some the current challenges you face with editorial and commercial clients?

MB: There are many more photographers than there are magazines today. And many of these magazines are shutting down at an alarming rate. Like my parents, I’m a hustler and have embraced the fact that you have to pursue new ways to stay relevant and keep shooting projects that won’t just pay the bills, but are worthwhile and will enable you to grow as an artist.

MV: What recommendations would you give to aspiring photographers? 

MB: Assist the people you admire. Look for apprenticeships in your area and outside. Don’t be afraid to go outside your comfort zone. Constantly research to see what type of styles you like. Go out and shoot! I follow few photographers on Instagram to see what trends are currently out there. I’m inspired by beautiful things and love to interpret their existence with photography.

To see Monica’s work and to hire her for your next creative project, click here: